What is the perfect accompaniment to Whisky?

Whisky and Shortbread

whisky spirit of speyside

Whisky and shortbread. What could be more synonymous with Scotland? But have you ever thought that these two products go very well together? Increasing numbers of whisky producers are developing special edition w

We provided our famous oat cakes which provided a perfect match for whisky tasting to cleanse the palate. We also gave away our world famous shortbread fingers throughout the festival, which provided both a welcome treat and a beautiful match to some of the sweeter whisky.hiskies, often with a sweet finish, such as finishing in sherry or sauternes casks. The Spirit of Speyside festival, which ran between 1st-5th May and co-sponsored by Walkers Shortbread offered whisky tasting, along with the iconic shortbread fingers and oatcakes. 

shortbread fingers

The shortbread proved so popular at the festival, and with Father’s Day fast approaching, we would like to offer everyone the chance to try our shortbread with their own whisky at home, with an exclusive discount for you on the delicious Walkers Shortbread Fingers. We’re offering every customer the chance to receive 5 packs of our famous shortbread fingers for the price of four. (but only until August 31st)

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