The Finest Walks in the Highlands

Scottish Highlands

Scotland has some of the world’s finest scenery, and with it some of the world’s finest walks, many of which are easily available to walkers of all abilities, all across the country. The famous Highlands are among the very best of the best, and the team at  Walkers, ‘The World’s Finest Shortbread’ are proud to share some of our favourite walks in the Highlands with you. Whether you live in Scotland or you are just visiting, make sure you take advantage of the stunning Scottish countryside and get out in nature when you have the chance. Here is a closer look at some of the finest walks in the Highlands – best enjoyed with the finest shortbread in your backpack, of course!

Visit Walkers

A favourite easy walk in the Highlands is the Linn of Ruthrie, which starts and finishes in the iconic village of Aberlour. The Linn of Ruthrie walk offers beautiful walking through charming forests to the lovely Linn of Ruthrie waterfall. This is one of our favourite Speyside walks, and one of the best parts about it is that it is easily combined with a visit to the original home of Walkers Shortbread. The site of the original Walkers Shortbread bakery is now a great shop where you can buy a wide range of Walkers products. Here you’ll find some of the unique and iconic Walkers shortbread tins, many of which become collectors items and treasured for years and years. We also have a range of gift boxes, and for a special occasion you may also be interested in some of the stylish non-food gifts in our selection.

Going the distance on the West Highland Way

The most famous of all walks in Scotland, and the most renowned walk of all Highland hikes is the stunning West Highland Way. This classic long-distance route goes from Milngavie just outside the bustling city of Glasgow, through scenic countryside, over hills and valleys, along the beautiful Loch Lomond and all the way to Fort William, where Ben Nevis looms over the finish line. The 96 mile long walk is not to be taken lightly, but with well marked and maintained trails, plenty of accommodation along the route, options for bag transfer and other handy infrastructure, it is a very popular walk and available to most. It is also possible to do shorter stretches of it to appreciate the best of the West Highland Way without committing a full week to the task. Make sure you are prepared for the challenge by doing training walks in advance and plan your daypack well. Read some of our packing tips for hikes and holidays, and remember to bring some treats, like our popular chocolate chip shortbread snackpack.

High hikes in the Highlands

Scottish Munro Walking

Do you know what a Munro is? Most outdoor enthusiasts in the UK are familiar with the term, which indicates a Scottish mountain over 3000ft (roughly 900 meters). There are almost 300 Munros in Scotland, and a great deal of them are in the Scottish Highlands – naturally. A Munro hike is usually very rewarding, as the dramatic landscapes in Scotland offer unrivalled views, scenic vistas and a sense of achievement as you can tick off a Munro from the official list. This is known as ‘Munro bagging’, and people can get quite competitive! Reward yourself on the top with your favourite sweet treat, be it a delicious slice of sultana and cherry cake, an extremely chocolatey chocolate cookie or any of our gluten free shortbread. If you want to be extra topical, you can opt for a stylish tin of the Highlander shortbread, which tastes extra nice on top of a Highland hill, maybe paired with a local drop of whisky if you are feeling extra indulgent!

Speyside whisky trails 

For whisky enthusiasts, it is hard to do better than to embark on the Malt Whisky Trail in Speyside. Scotland is famous for its high quality single malt whiskies, and over half of the Scottish whisky distilleries are located in the Speyside region. The Malt Whisky Trail is a unique travel experience which dives straight into the rich whisky culture and history of Scotland’s Speyside Moray region. Also known as the Speyside Whisky Trail, the Malt Whisky Trail is a unique way to get to know the landscape that has shaped the whisky industry in the country, and there are of course plenty of opportunities to taste a wee dram or two along the route. Plan your whisky visits well, and you’ll be all set up to organise your own whisky tasting at home when you’re done! 

The Speyside Way

Aberlour Village Scotland

Another classic long-distance walk in the Scottish Highlands is the Speyside Way. This very popular walk is perfect for those who want to explore Speyside on foot – whisky-tasting optional. The Speyside Way goes from Buckie to Kincraig, and covers a beautiful section of Scotland, from the Moray coastline, along the Spey River and all the way to the mountains of the Cairngorms. Most people take between 5 and 7 days to complete the full walk, but it is also possible to do shorter stretches of the Speyside Way, picking the most scenic sections to get a flavour of the beautiful scenery, from coast to moorland and mountains. The route passes through the picturesque Highland village of Aberlour on the way, better known as the hometown of Walkers Shortbread, and as such a brilliant place to stop for a refreshment!