New Ways with Oatcakes

Walkers recently launched an updated range of oatcakes, with new packaging and even more products. Our traditional oatcakes are made with wholesome oaty goodness, they have a crunchy, crumbly texture and go perfectly with a whole range of food and flavours. Here are some ideas for you to enjoy our oatcakes in new and exciting ways.

Walkers Oatcake range

Oatcake canapés

Oatcakes provide the perfect base for a host of classic canapés. One of our favourites is combining the thin and crispy Fine Oatcakes with creamy cheese, Scottish salmon and a squeeze of lemon juice for a very classic amuse-bouche. For a uniquely Scottish serving, arrange small amounts of haggis, neeps and tatties on delicious Highland Oatcakes, and serve alongside some bagpipe music. We also love the tasty three-seed oatcakes topped with hummus, sliced cherry tomatoes and a fresh basil leaf. You can also use roasted vegetables and olives for a Mediterranean touch. An elegant canapé is sliced avocado with two cooked prawns and a good grind of pepper, served on top of triangle oatcakes, or with our Thick and Crunchy Oatcake for more of a bite.  A delicate beetroot salad with chives on top is also a great option, and can be combined with for instance ham or cheese. And let’s not forget the elegant roast beef with horseradish sauce or mustard and fried onion. Delicious!

Walkers Highland Oatcakes

Child friendly oatcake treats


Walkers Scottish Biscuits

Oatcakes are the perfect treat to serve children when they want something filling, tasty and healthier than sugary sweets. Slice bananas and arrange them on top of their favourite type of oatcake, then add a sprinkle of cinnamon. You can also pack an the versatile packs of 3 crunchy Highland oatcakes in their lunc

hbox. It’s a fun and nutritious addition to the lunchbox, and kids can put slices of cheddar and cut up peppers on top for a colourful lunchtime snack. For fish-fans, three-seed oatcakes topped with sliced cucumbers, tinned salmon and some chives is a very nutritious snack. If your children like stronger tastes, try putting a layer of fresh pesto with goat’s or feta cheese and slices of cherry tomatoes on top. Other cheeses can be substituted. And we even have a great selection of Scottish biscuits for cheese if your kids – or you! – enjoy a variety of cheese in their lunch box. Just combine oatcakes, your preferred cheese and a colourful vegetable or chutney to have a balanced and healthy snack.

Walkers Highland Oatcakes with Topping

 Sweet oatcake toppings

The oat flavour lends itself very well to sweet oatcake toppings too. Try making salted caramel and top Highland oatcakes with cream and bananas for a mini banoffee. A grating of chocolate on top is the final touch. You can also mash bananas (adding a squeeze of lemon juice to avoid them going brown) and add chopped walnuts and a drizzle of honey.  A nice and healthy sweet option is to use our mini oatcakes to create healthy little cream desserts. Use freshly whipped cream or crème fraiche, add sliced strawberries, raspberries or blackberries, and top with a mint leaf. Enjoy!