Our People: HR visit Aberlour Primary

Aberlour Primary School    Aberlour Primary School

Jill and Louise from our HR team paid a visit to Aberlour Primary, our local village primary school. The purpose of this event held by the school was to support some of the enterprise work for the Christmas fare, to support the curriculum regarding workers rights and to compliment the recent work completed by the pupils on hygiene and contamination issues.

Aberlour Primary School

The HR team firstly introduced themselves and gave a Company history overview explaining the heritage of our family business. The team then asked the pupils questions on site rules and workers rights. We also carried out some activities regarding hygiene, the importance of hand washing and the benefits of protective clothing and footwear. The pupils then had the chance to try on some of our employee work wear including white coats, hairnets and gloves.

Aberlour Primary School

The Walkers HR team had the most amazing time with the pupils all of whom were very knowledgeable about workers rights and hygiene. Jill and Louise gave the Primary 5, 6 and 7 pupils the chance to explore our raw ingredients, unbaked dough and finished product. The pupils were taken through the baking process from how we handle the dough at the start, right through to how we package the finished goods. Handling the raw dough in particular seemed to be a very popular activity!

Aberlour Primary School              Aberlour Primary School

The pupils also took part in a number of WalkersShortbread work based activities including giving 9 pupils the chance to become a Company Director for a few minutes. The role-plays were great fun and extremely well executed by the pupils involved. We hope this visit educated the pupils on the different careers available at Walkers Shortbread. Thank you to Aberlour Primary School teachers and pupils for collaborating with us on this successful event!

Aberlour Primary School