Scotland in Winter: Share a magical winter moment the Scottish way

Scottish Stag in Winter

Winter in Scotland is special. The majestic Highlands with snow-capped mountains, the bustling Christmas markets and Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh and Glasgow, braving winter storms on the wild and rugged islands, and then warming up with a wee dram and shortbread at the fire… Here at Walkers Shortbread we enjoy the winter months and all they bring with them, from festive holidays and  National Shortbread Day to brazing outdoor life. Join us in this picture special, celebrating winter in Scotland and Scotland in winter.

Old Stone Bridge

Wildlife in winter

They may be harder to spot, but the teeming wildlife in Scotland is still very much around in wintertime. Proud stags roam the moors of Scotland even when they are covered in snow. The mountain hare dons its winter white coat. Birds of prey stalk the vast expands from high above, and a variety of winter birds can be found in forests and hillsides even as the temperatures drop.


And if you don’t come across an impressive capercaillie on your travels, the iconic Highland coos are just as much fun watching, in their furry coats with impressive horns.

Highland Cow in Winter

Snuggle up by the fire

Winter Fire 

After a cold day out, make yourself comfortable in front of the fire with a cup of tea and a favourite biscuit. (See our selection here!) Many Scottish castles offer fantastic winter packages, complete with warming fireplaces, cosy blankets and grandiose surroundings. You’ll even find Walkers Shortbread in your room at many Scottish castles and guesthouses, as a favourite hospitality way to treat guests.

Eilean Donan Castle

Winter walking

The Scottish landscape is made for walking, and a refreshing stroll in the countryside is just the thing if you are feeling the effects of the festive season. Clear the cobwebs by venturing out on the hills, on a riverside walk or through unfamiliar streets in your city. Read our packing tips for what to bring, and enjoy the fresh winter air in your lungs.

Snow-capped mountains

Whether you brave the weather or enjoy the views from a distance, the Scottish mountains look spectacular dressed for winter. If you are well equipped and know how to tackle winter conditions, there are few things more rewarding than hiking across a mountain ridge in the beautiful winter light.

Scottish Highlands

Markets and magic in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is famed for its spectacular Hogmanay celebrations, which lasts for days, complete with fireworks, Ferris wheels, ice skating and market stalls. From November to January, explore the bustling Christmas market in Princes Street Gardens and in St Andrews Square. Enjoy a mulled wine with some festive biscuits to keep warm as you stroll through a town in winter party mode.

Edinburgh Christmas Market

Majestic winter views

Venture into the Highlands by car, on foot or by train to admire the spectacular scenery made all the more special by the unique light in winter. You may even see northern lights dance on the sky high above the castles and lochs! 

Kilchurn Castle