What’s In Your Backpack? Our Top Packing Tips for Hikes and Holidays

Backpack Walkers Shortbread

Whether you are going on holiday, on a camping trip or just for a hike in the woods, packing correctly can make all the difference. At the Walkers site in Aberlour, we have some of the world’s finest landscapes just outside our door, and we love spending time in the beautiful Scottish nature. That is why we are committed to the environment, and why we know that a too heavy backpack can make for a horrible hike. Here are some of our best packing tips to help you enjoy your excursion, whether long or short.

Packing your hiking day pack

Ginger Stem Biscuits Walkers Shortbread

For a shorter hike, you should not need to bring a lot other than food, water, some extra layers and maybe a light seat pad for comfort when you have a break. Do not forget to include a treat, as the highest peaks can be achievable when you have something to look forward to as a reward. Our favourites are the wonderful Mini Chocolate Chip Walkers Shortbread that come in a handy tube and the delicious Stem Ginger Biscuits. Take some lightweight binoculars to take a closer look at wildlife and birds. From our partners at the RSPB you can get great resources to study the birds in your local area. A warm hat is always nice at the top, and gloves can make a world of difference to chilly fingers.

Smart holiday packing essentials

Luggage Tags Walkers Shortbread

We all have our creature comforts, and it is OK to pack a good assortment of your favourite tea bags when you go abroad. We often take some nice assorted packs of The World’s Finest Shortbread for friends and family, or as host gifts if you are going to stay somewhere special. And if you don’t give them all away, no harm in treating yourself to one or two either – you are on holiday, after all! If you are flying or going on a walking holiday where your luggage will be transported, make sure you tag your bags properly with name and address. These stylish Walkers luggage tags are practical and high quality – they also make a great gift for the enthusiastic traveller.

Clever camping

Walkers BackpackFor those braving the elements and heading out on a camping holiday, keeping warm and dry is a key priority. Always pack spare socks, preferably in wool, and do not underestimate how cold it can get in the night. Thermal mugs that keep your hot drinks hot for longer are nice to have around the campfire. A nice, lightweight tin with sweet, delicious shortbread keeps spirits high when the temperatures are low, and serves as a great bribe for the kids while you are setting up camp. Make sure you bring warm clothes and food that everyone will enjoy. The buttery Ecclefechan tarts are packed full of fruits and nuts, so they are the perfect camping snack. 

Have a good trip!