The World’s Finest Scottish Gifts

Gift giving can be a challenge. Luckily, Scotland is the home of many of the world’s finest traditions – meaning we have the world’s best gifts close at hand. Here are our top tips for the world’s finest Scottish gifts: we know they will go down well with any lucky recipient.

Exclusive gifts for that special someone

Scotland offers some of the world’s finest traditions and there is no shortage of exclusive, luxurious gifts available. When you are picking out presents for the people you care most about, you want to make sure they get the very best. From the very pricey, like the world’s most expensive whisky, to the affordable luxury, like high quality cashmere scarves – choose gifts with your heart as well as your wallet. And if you really want to go all out, here are some of the most inspiring gifts in history.

Walkers Cashmere Scarf

Heritage gifts with a history

The World’s Finest Shortbread has been made at our Walker’s factory for generations, and we love to celebrate our heritage, both local and national. Whether you are giving friends and family a keepsake to remind them of home, or sharing Scottish heritage with visitors, there are many great gift ideas to celebrate the great Scottish history, landscape and people. A gift box with quality ingredients and our favourite products is for instance a perfect way to celebrate a trip to Scotland. Many visitors to Scotland like to give a gift representing the history and heritage of the country, and there are plenty to choose from. The classic tartan, whether in a kilt or this limited edition Walkers tartan scarf in the finest cashmere, is great example of the world’s finest textile traditions. Delicious foodie gifts celebrating local specialties or commemorative tins are other super ideas to share the Scottish heritage.

Celebrating Scottish traditions

Walkers Shortbread ThinsWe may not be recognised for the world’s finest cuisine here in Scotland, but we do have some unrivalled culinary traditions. If you have the time and occasion, a home made dinner is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give. There is no finer present than a carefully prepared home made meal, like haggis with neeps and tatties, finished off with cranachan served with delicious shortbread thins. You could also organise a whisky tasting, with the lucky recipient getting to take home a bottle of the best at the end of the day. One of the finest of our Scottish traditions is of course whisky production, and we have some great tips on whisky pairing, showing you how you can match the world’s finest shortbread to the world’s finest whiskies. And how about honouring the classic Scottish sport of golf with a special golf umbrella in a beautiful tartan?

Whatever you choose, the world’s finest gifts from Scotland are sure to be well received.