The World’s Finest Shortbread for the World’s Finest Views

Scotland is blessed with majestic surroundings, and the landscape inspires high quality in the products made here. Whether it is The World’s Finest Shortbread from Walkers, the very best whiskies or world-class tartans and textiles – Scotland is famous for some of the finest products in the world.

scottish highlands

The World’s Finest

It’s not without reason that Walkers is known as The World’s Finest Shortbread. Our traditional pure butter shortbread fingers are baked to perfection, and the sweet, delicious buttery taste is unlike any other. And why not enjoy The World’s Finest Shortbread with the world’s finest views? Imagine relishing a perfectly baked shortbread with a flask of tea at the top of this hill in Glencoe, looking out over one of Scotland’s most historical landscapes. What about enjoying one of our most popular products, our Chocolate Chip shortbread, after you’ve caught the world’s finest (and biggest!) salmon in one of Scotland’s renowned fishing rivers? Enjoy your accomplishments and the taste of crumbly shortbread and smooth chocolate chips that melt in your mouth. Walkers Shortbread is made to savour those special moments, and with the world’s finest experiences right on your doorstep, Scotland is the perfect place to appreciate our shortbread.

Scottish Highlands Scenery

Highlands and Islands

When in the Highlands, do as the Highlanders. This area is known to produce world class whiskies as well as The World’s Finest Shortbread. Try the Fiddich Gift Box with 8 top quality Walkers products, and enjoy it alongside a beautiful tipple of whisky from Glenfiddich. Or maybe you want to explore other whiskies from the world-renowned Highlands? Take a look at our Speyside whisky guide, the perfect accompaniment to those gorgeous views.

The islands of Scotland are also among the world’s finest. From camping at Skye to world-renowned knitting on Fair Isle, from birdlife and single malts on Islay to UNESCO heritage sites on St Kilda – the many Scottish islands offer a variety of views and experiences. Read more about them here, or be inspired by the fun Scottish Explorer Tin filled with The World’s Finest Shortbread to set off on a road trip – and boat trip – of your own.

Scottish Islands

World Heritage

Scottish landscapes can stand up to the world’s finest monuments and structures around the globe. The famous Forth Bridge was recently awarded the prestigious accolade of becoming a recognised World Heritage Site by the United Nations body UNESCO, and our stunning and distinguishable red steel bridge now enjoys the same status as the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China. The Forth Rail Bridge is not the only World Heritage Site in Scotland, however: with six sites inscribed on the list, we’re not exaggerating when we say that Scotland has some of the world’s finest views.

Edinburgh Forth Railway Bridge

The View Below

While it is easy to be dazzled by snow-capped mountains and mysterious lochs, heather-clad hills and flowing rivers all over Scotland, you shouldn’t ignore all the beauty that is right down at your feet either. We all know that small is beautiful and it’s the little joys that matter most. That’s why we love our Shortbread Minis! They’re the perfect treat when you want a little snack on your quest to find the world’s finest experiences, right on your doorstep. Look out for the beautiful butterfly that flutters among the flowers. Notice the rare wild orchid that grows in the field, or the abundant wildlife just a stone’s throw away from busy roads. Take some time to learn about the birds with Walkers Shortbread partners RSBP. Don’t forget the little things when you are out and about in your quest to explore more of The World’s Finest!