Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to think of the most frequently asked questions which you may want to be answered either prior to applying for one of our seasonal positions, or during the recruitment process after applying. These are accessible below. If you have any further questions then please get in touch!

All factory positions are offered as temporary contracts usually from April until around November each year.

Many of our more specialised posts are permanent positions. A limited amount of permanent factory positions may be offered to seasonal factory operatives at the end of our season (approx. November) if posts become available. We will review your attendance, progress and general performance before you are considered for these positions.

We have a limited number of student vacancies available from approx. mid-June until September, please make sure you identify that you are a student, and the dates that you are available to work.

Yes, we offer free transport to our Aberlour site from various locations including: Buckie, Keith, Lossiemouth, Elgin, Rothes, Craigellachie, Dufftown, Lhanbryde, Mosstodloch, Fochabers, and Portgordon. A bus timetable will be issued to you on commencement of employment.

We offer the best local competitive rates that will increase as you progress through our training programme.

We have several canteens which operate on a cashless payment only, and these mainly offer a variety of soups and sandwiches at a subsidised price. There are also facilities for you to store your own food, though please bear in mind that we have strict guidelines as to what can be brought to site.

In the factory we operate 2 main shift patterns:

+ 6am-2.30pm Monday till Thursday and 6am till 12.30pm on a Friday = 38 hours weekly

+ 2.30pm-8.30pm Monday till Thursday and 12.30pm till 6.30pm on a Friday = 30 hours weekly.

Office based hours are agreed as per your job role.

Good hand to eye co-ordination and manual dexterity is essential. Rotational duties mean that during your shift there are both seated and standing tasks (a reasonable level of health and well-being is required and an ability to be flexible is essential).

We will provide safety shoes and protective garments for you however we recommend comfortable and light clothing to wear under the protective clothing. Your own clothes must not protrude so no collars or cuffs that stick out. To prevent contamination all your clothing must be free from sequins, rhinestones, fringes and fraying. No fake eye-lashes, extensions or any details that may cause a contamination risk are also not permitted.

Prior to starting work with us you will be invited to attend a training session that we call an induction. This is usually carried out the week before you are due to start work and includes meeting with our human resources, health & safety and occupational health teams as part of our on-boarding process. It also includes completing all paperwork associated with starting a new job.

Each induction will take approximately 3 hours. Please be aware that you will need to be capable of attending our induction in full in order to be cleared to start work.

No jewellery is permitted however we will allow a single plain metal wedding band but all other jewellery and fashion accessories must be removed for example nose, brow, lip and tongue studs, microdermals etc.

No you will be required to remove nail varnish, nail art, nail extensions, gel nails or any adornments etc.

We operate a No Smoking policy on all our sites which is a standard practice for Food Manufacturers. This means those that smoke or use e-cigarettes can only do so within the facilities provided at each location during the permitted break times. You should note that smokers will be required to change out of all protective clothing/shoes as part of the hygiene procedures.