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Celebrate National Shortbread Day

National Shortbread DaySo the Christmas lights and decorations are all packed away again for another year, and January seems dull and dreary. What better way than to lift your spirits again than in celebrating Scotland’s National biscuit, and major export; sweet, buttery, delicious shortbread? Today  is National Shortbread Day, so why not get the day off to a great start by dunking a bit into your morning coffee? Instant bliss. 

Shortbread started its story as a type of medieval biscuit, but thanks to the intervention of Mary Queen of Scots, who added sugar to the recipe, it evolved into the amazingly delicious treat that we know today. Once reserved for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and weddings, it is the ideal accompaniment to a celebration. Try it with champagne or mulled wine (if you have any left over from Christmas), or just take our suggestion of dipping it into your coffee or a hot chocolate. Either way, our perfect sweet treat will definitely put a smile on your face.

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