Baking Innovation at Walker's

Baking Innovation at Walker's

Walkers Shortbread Walkers Shortbread

Welcome to baking innovation at Walker’s.  As family bakers we like to bake new things and give you something extra special to try.

We have recently launched a brand new range, exclusively to Waitrose stores in the United Kingdom.  As part of this, we wanted to give you all the chance to try some of those lovely new products direct from us, which focus on using oats in our baking.  This gives our shortbread all the buttery appeal you love, but with a lovely, hearty oat flavour.

Now you can order a selection of our Oat range directly from us online to give them a try!  See our selection below.

Our core range in Waitrose

Our bakers have worked their magic and unveiled five delicious new additions to our much-loved range, as well as a contemporary new look to make up ten strong product lines.

From the Classic Shortbread Collection and Shortbread Scottie Dogs, to NEW Salted Caramel & Chocolate Shortbread, fans of ours can now enjoy all their favourites, crafted from the same premium ingredients but presented in updated packaging that still reflects the brand’s unique heritage and provenance.  This fantastic new range has been rolled out across Waitrose stores and online at

Our Oat Range

Our Oat range consists of: Oat Shortbread, Oat biscuits with Chocolate, Fruit & Seeds and Oat Biscuits with White Chocolate and Raspberry.  Three delicious oat biscuits for you to explore!

Not only are they super tasty – but all of the Oat Range is Individually wrapped.  This means that it maintains the best possible freshness even when the carton is open.  It allows for better portion control.  And is really useful for on-the-go convenience when snacking out-of-home.

Now, people can taste our Oat range exclusively online if they wish, before heading into a Waitrose store.  Explore our oat range below via our online shop.

Try these today!

Bundle-Buy Offer
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Walker’s Oat Range Bundle

Product SKU: 5622

Oat Biscuits with Chocolate, Fruit and Seeds

Product SKU: 5623

Oat Biscuits with Raspberries and White Chocolate

Product SKU: 1192

Oat Shortbread