Walkers Shortbread and RSPB Join Forces to ‘Give Nature a Home’

Walkers Shortbread has partnered with the RSPB, the largest conservation charity in Europe, to support its ‘Give Nature a Home’ campaign. We are delighted to be supporting the RSPB’s vision to expand the forest up to the natural tree-line at Abernethy National Nature Reserve. 

Walkers + The RSPB

This may take up to 200 years and will create a wooded landscape, effectively doubling the size of the existing forest habitat. This will be mainly by the natural processes of regeneration.

Currently Scot’s pine is doing well but many of the broadleaf components, such as birch, alder, aspen and willow are missing or are poorly represented.  Seed sources of these missing species are being introduced by planting seedlings grown from seed collected on the reserve.

RSPB Abernethy Reserve

The RSPB’s vision is to plant up to 100,000 young trees over the next few years to enrich pine regeneration and to create a richer and more diverse future woodland.  

Since the beginning of the partnership in 2014 the RSPB has already been able to enrich and expand Speyside’s Caledonian pine forest, providing habitat for highly endangered red squirrels and other iconic Scottish wildlife.

RSPB Red Squirrel