Shortbread for Santa: Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Will you treat Santa this year? It’s a wonderful tradition around the world to provide Santa with a little snack as he makes his way through the night with presents and joy to children of all ages. After all, he works very hard and deserves only the best! We always leave out a plate with The World’s Finest Shortbread from Walkers and a flask of the finest tea, as that is a winning combination we know he’ll enjoy. Here are some other traditional ways to make sure Santa is happy and content – Christmas customs vary across the world.

Walekrs Shortbread and Milk

Does Santa prefer milk and cookies or biscuits and whisky?

Many children leave milk and cookies for Santa, especially in America. The classic combination of a cold glass of milk with a couple of delicious cookies is a huge success. These delicious Hazelnut and Chocolate Chunk biscuits or Walkers triple chocolate Extremely Chocolatey Cookies go really well with a cold glass of milk, and we’re sure Santa loves it. Others prefer to give him something a little stronger for that long night of working, and pour him a generous helping of the finest Scottish whisky. And as we know that our classic shortbread goes really well with the finest Speyside whisky, you can be sure that he’ll appreciate that winning combo too! If he had to choose? Well, maybe put out both and see which one he picks…

Santa’s Treats Around The World

In Scandinavia it is very common to serve up a steaming plate of hot rice pudding, or risgrøt as it is known in Norway. This has been presented to the Nordic nisse for centuries. The nisse is a local mythological creature similar to Santa Claus with their long white beards, red hats and bringing of gifts, but there are also differences: the nisse is small, there is usually one on every farm, and he doesn’t shy away from causing mischief, especially if you don’t treat him well. Leaving out a delicious meal of porridge or pudding is extremely important if you don’t want bad things to happen… In Sweden, they also give Santa a cup of coffee to stay awake through the night, as he has a lot of children to visit!

On the other side of the planet, they often serve Santa a cold beer instead. As Christmas takes place in the middle of the summer in Australia, something to cool down with must be nice! Santa also gets a beer in Ireland, but there it is usually a pint of Guinness, often accompanied by a couple of mince pies. If you think Santa appreciates a pint, why not try to serve some Ecclefechan tarts with it? These delicious little tarts are filled with fruit, almonds, and go down a treat at Christmas time.

Ecclefechan Tart

Treats for Rudolph too

It’s not just Santa who enjoys getting a treat on the busy Christmas nights. Poor Rudolph and the other reindeer who have to pull the heavy sleigh from chimney to chimney also deserve a little something. In France, many children give Rudolph a carrot next to Santa’s milk and cookies. It’s common to leave a treat in your shoe, and many children wake the next morning to find that their treat for Rudolph and Santa has been replaced with a little toy or present in return.

Argentinian children are also kind to Santa’s animals, and leave out hay and water for the reindeer who have to work through the night. Other children, in Germany and Netherlands for instance, may give treats and apples, which was traditionally eaten by Father Christmas’ horse. Maybe an oatcake from the extensive Walkers range will go down well, or a scrumptious Treacle Toffee Biscuit?

Whatever you leave out, be sure to treat Santa this Christmas. He’ll enjoy it, and it is always a wonderful feeling to share your favourites – whether it is shortbread and whisky, fruit tarts with a pint or milk and cookies.