Chocolate Haggis Sundae

Burns Night

Scottish Traditions

Chocolate Haggis Sundae

Chocolate Haggis brings the theatre of Burns Night to pudding for the very first time as you can now slice open a steaming hot haggis that’s completely sweet - with no meat!

Led by Simon Howie we have teamed up with them and Mackie's of Scotland to take part in creating this delicious dessert. A sort of Millionaire’s Chocolate Haggis, Shortbread and Caramel ice cream sundae! Pass us a spoon!



Caramel Sauce

Whipped Cream (optional)

Walker's Shortbread Fingers


Microwave a Simon Howie Chocolate Haggis as per pack instructions.

Break up some of your shortbread fingers into chunks. Blitz or bash some into a crumb. Keep one finger for decoration!

Bring your ice cream out of the freezer to soften slightly for easier scooping!

Remove from the oven and mix well. Return to the oven for a further 3-6 mins until golden brown, then leave to cool.

Dip the rim of your sundae glass into some caramel sauce then dip into some of the shortbread crumbs for a professional look to your pudding masterpiece.

Layer up chocolate haggis, shortbread crumbs and chunks, ice cream, and caramel sauce.

Finish with a scoop of ice cream or some squirty cream and a shortbread finger!