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Aberlour Primary Pick Apples

Aberlour Primary Pick Apples

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Walkers Shortbread recently welcomed back pupils from local school, Aberlour Primary, this time to pick apples from our trees on the grounds here at Walkers Head Office.

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This is the second year that Walkers have hosted an apple picking day with the local primary school, and soon becoming an enjoyable annual event.

The pupils were tasked with picking as many apples as possible off the trees [enough to burst their school bags!] to take with them, followed by a short talk from our Grounds Manager and a nature trail adventure.

Jim Connell, Grounds Manager at Walkers Shortbread commented:

“The recent apple picking and nature trail afternoon with pupils from Aberlour Primary was great fun. Seeing their excitement and enthusiasm was certainly contagious. They had so many questions relating to the visit!

After picking more than enough apples to fill their school bags, we went on a nature trail and talked about all the different types of trees growing in the estate and of the various methods like propagation and seed dispersal.

We then delved into the estate’s Eco piles and examined the life that prospers there, including different fungi and a wide range of invertebrates, with the children showing no fear of handling the slugs, worms and beetles. It was unfortunately the wrong time of day to see the residents hedgehog…”

After their nature trail, our Grounds team took the pupils inside Aberlour House to serve up juice and shortbread ahead of their walk back to school, which was very well received!

Following on from their visit, we were happy to discover that Elgin’s Orchard, a new company using Moray apples to make delicious juice, were able to drop by our Orchard here at Aberlour House to utilise the last of our crop.

The money raised from the sale of the apples was donated to Aberlour Primary to assist with the school’s eco composting project. Elgin’s Orchard has also kindly offered to donate two apple trees to the school’s garden.

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