Gluten Free Christmas Shortbread Treats (no-bake)

Gluten Free Christmas Shortbread Treats (no-bake)

With Christmas now in full swing, we’ve partnered with Becky Excell to bring you three gluten free Christmas shortbread treat ideas – which one would you pick?!

These are super cute, easy, fuss free ideas, all using our delicious all butter gluten-free shortbread as the main ingredient which you can get in Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.

Becky made Chocolate Dipped Dipped Rudolph Shortbread, Melting Snowman Shortbread and Shortbread Chocolate Truffles – all easy to do and perfect for kids (or big kids!)


2 packs of Walker’s gluten free shortbread (280g), crushed (truffles)

1 tin condensed milk (truffles)

70g desiccated coconut (truffles)

55g butter, melted (truffles)

70g cocoa powder (truffles)

Desiccated coconut or chocolate strands, to finish (truffles)

1 pack of Walker’s gluten free shortbread (140g) (reindeer)

100g milk chocolate, melted (reindeer)

Edible eyes (reindeer)

Red chocolate sweets (reindeer)

Gluten free pretzels (reindeer)

1 pack of Walker’s gluten free shortbread (140g) (snowman)

125g icing sugar (snowman)

Medium sized white marshmallows (snowman)

40g melted white chocolate – for the eyes and mouth (snowman)

Black food colouring gel (snowman)

Orange sprinkles (ensure gluten free) – for the nose (snowman)

Red and green chocolate sweets – for the buttons (snowman)

Chocolate strands – for the arms (snowman)


Truffles Step 1: Mix together all the ingredients in a large bowl so well combined.

Truffles Step 2: Pop in the fridge to chill for about an hour.

Truffles Step 3: Roll into balls and then roll each one in either coconut or chocolate strands.

Truffles Step 4: Place in the fridge to firm up and then enjoy!

Reindeer Step 1: Dip each of your shortbread biscuits in the melted chocolate.

Reindeer Step 2: Press in the edible eyes, pretzels for antlers and red chocolate for a nose. Allow to set

Snowman Step 1: Mix black food colouring into the melted chocolate and transfer to a piping bag.

Snowman Step 2: Pipe eyes and mouth onto the marshmallows and poke orange sprinkles in to the marshmallows as noses.

Snowman Step 3: Mix your icing sugar with 1 tbsp water gradually (add more if you think it needs it) until you have a smooth, glossy, thick icing.

Snowman Step 4: Spread a little icing over each biscuit so it looks like melted snow and place the marshmallow on top of the icing.

Snowman Step 5: Add the red and green chocolate sweets as buttons on the icing and carefully arrange the chocolate strands into arms.

Snowman Step 6: Allow to set for at least 30 minutes.