Radish & Black Olive Butter Oatcakes

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Radish & Black Olive Butter Oatcakes

Walkers Scottish Biscuits for cheese are the ideal accompaniment to any cheese board, this appealing selection includes wholesome oatcakes as well as our slightly sweet Scottish digestive biscuit.

Another oatcake topping recipe to enjoy in the summer months! This recipe includes our ‘Scottish Biscuits for Cheese’.



12 Walkers Highland Oatcakes

16 pitted black olives

2 spring onions

3 tbsp fresh mint

125g unsalted butter

4 - 6 red radishes

Freshly ground pepper

12 Walker's Highland Oatcakes


Mix the olives, spring onions, mint, and butter in a bowl and season with pepper.

Spread the olive butter onto each oatcake.

Thinly slice the radishes and lay 3-4 slices on top of the olive butter.

Sprinkle with the micro or small mint leaves and serve.