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Celebrate National Biscuit Day with Walkers

Celebrate National Biscuit Day with Walkers

At a glance

We don’t need an excuse when it comes to tucking into our favourite biscuit, but nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to have National Biscuit Day to give us a reason to open a packet of Walkers’ treats.

Celebrating all things biscuit, National Biscuit Day falls on the 29th May and offers the perfect opportunity to tuck into your favourite baked goods. But how do you eat yours?

Dunked in a hot drink

Whether dipping into your Earl Grey or plunging into a hot cup of coffee, there’s no denying that dunking your favourite biscuit takes some skill, but is quite the comforter on days the sun’s not out to play.

Shared with friends

Nothing says I love you like sharing your biscuits. The perfect accompaniment to that long-overdue catch up, sharing some Walkers biscuits whilst sharing secrets is the key to lasting friendship.

No-hand nibbling

Try it, we dare you. The no-hands nibble often happens when opening a new batch of biccies; sometimes you simply don’t have the patience to wait until that first biscuit is pried from the packet.

With ice cream

We’ve all heard of an ice cream sandwich, and there’s a very good reason for that. The perfect sunshine treat for biscuit lovers everywhere, make ours strawberry sandwiched between two Walkers biscuits of your choice.

The biscuit buffet

Sometimes, one biscuit just isn’t enough, and that’s alright. The biscuit buffet offers you the chance to plate up a few favourites, ready to keep you company during your next box-set binge.

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