Walk the Queen's View, Aberlour

Posted by Michael Mortimer on 16th Jun 2020

The walk: Queen’s View

This local walk takes you from the The Speyside Way, from either Aberlour or Craigellachie, through uphill woodlands to a beautiful viewpoint known as the Queen’s View, Aberlour.

This is one of our favourite local walks and starts right next to Walkers Shortbread’s head office, Aberlour House. You might even smell our delicious shortbread baking as you start the climb!

20-30 minutes moderate walk, uphill.

1. To begin, turn off the A95 from either the Aberlour or Craigellachie direction and take the road signed 'Bluehill Quarry'.

2. Pass under the small arched bridge and continue straight up the road.

3. Continue a short distance up the road where there is a lay-by next to a gate on the left and a small area to park. Enter at the gate and join the small woodland path.

4. Follow the woodland path to the left leading downhill slightly and very quickly the first intersection will appear (You can also take the right path here as it loops round to join the main path later, both paths end at the viewpoint eventually).

5. At the intersection, take the path on the right here that starts to climb slightly uphill.

6. After walking up the woodland path for a short distance, there is a second intersection. Here take the left path continuing uphill. (Taking the right path takes you back down towards the start. This path on the right is the path from the gate entrance that loops round to join the main path to the viewpoint).

7. Approaching the top of the hill take the path that curves round to the left. The Speyside Cooperage is visible in the distance on the right across the field. Turn around (or on the way back down) and there is a great view of the summit of Ben Rinnes above the trees.

8. Curve left on the path and a small clearing will appear with a view across the Spey valley. Congratulations you have reached the Queen's View! There is even two wee seats, so you can enjoy your favourite Walker’s product with a flask of tea whilst enjoy the stunning view. Looking across at the Spey, the Walkers Shortbread bakeries and the village of Aberlour are on the left of the river nestled in the trees. Across the other side of the river on the right The Macallan distillery, our neighbours, are visible.